May 20, 2014

Del Monte + Fort Funston Beach combo

somehow me and Ti mom were too busy last week so we didn't really have a plan for the weekend, on Friday we ended up having a vague idea going to Carmel. 
Why not ask if Maya is up to for a meetup this weekend? not sure who came up with this crazy idea (might be me?) so I messaged Maya's mom, lucky that she didn't see us as creepy strangers, we set up a play date on Sunday at  Fort Funston Beach.

we were all too lazy to get up early, hit the road at 1pm on Saturday (which is way too late apparently...), trapped in traffic for a while, and finally got to the nearest Del Monte Beach at 6pm before sunset, I was thinking not having a plan sometimes is good, it's another way to travel and having an adventure, this is a huge mistake...

we were worried for a bit because we only see 2-3 dogs in the parking lot, and one by the beach, but yelp says it's a off leash dog beach

bay area is always cold, we all wore jackets, pups were all walking by the water no one got to swim

Ti mom pulled out her sock, Actaeas and Tissue somehow went crazy for it




I am so happy to see the socialization worked out so well, Actaeas didn't avoid water like he used to, he just walked into it like he does it everyday

love to watch him with all that confidence

first time ever Actaeas played with Tiffy but...



Actaeas: you SURE? it's fun isn't it? you look so happy! don't lie to me,you say no but your body says YES!


what's in your mouth silly boy?

we had a good time at the beach but the ending was miserable, long story short, we lost our car key and ended up waiting for the AAA rescue for 3 hours freezing with 4 dogs, got to the hotel at 1am.

we all slept like dead men after the trauma, headed up to San Francisco the next morning and hoping the day will be better. Got to the Fort Funston Beach after lunch, it was a great area with a huge parking lot

not sure what the plant was but we decided to walk around first

you have no idea how I love your smile

and how you drown yourself into the grass field

Actaeas was in a great mood, when ever he is too hyper, he will ignores 70% of my words, I can see his ear flips a bit when I call, but he will literary does what ever he was up to, it's still hard for him to listen to commands in such a place with so much distractions


it didn't take us to long to wait...come see who's here!!

maya! she was way gorgeous than I thought she could be!

Tiru was the first one got to the beach

I didn't let Actaeas get too close to Maya at first because he still acts like a annoying puppy

he never chases the other dog all the way into water, he always pulls the break right by the shore, I am glad to see him not afraid of  getting wet anymore

good job dirty boy!

oh the one he was playing with wasn't Tiffy, she already hates him

the weather was great, all the photos look really nice

Maya went into a serious fight with an aggressive dog, but it didn't effect her mood at all, glad she is unharmed

Tissue just loves her toy so bad, has to get it back no matter how far her mom throws it

or how big the waves are

she is getting braver too

saw a little wall statue by the beach, someone said this is a Dog Goddess 

and someone playing hang glider

Tissue where is your toy?

things worked out better than we thought, Tissue didn't yell at Maya, Actaes didn't bother her neither, and I never have to worry about it's a wast of time to bring he to the beach just because he hates water

we are going to beach every single weekend from now on!!!
have to try more beaches this summer!

Maya's mom put her back on leash because she couldn't resist eating little crabs

didn't even dare to give Maya a single treat because she is allergic to so many things, hope your skin infections are getting better and stop itching

Tiru already done for the day

and finally see them running together, I was so excited

shoulder charge!!

Maya in the air

Actaeas: I run faster than you are sis!! I think I win!! 

Maya: no you are NOT cheater!


dogs are amazing animals

they can be back to friends again in few seconds

fluffy tails

Maya did you have a good time with new friends?

someone was stuck on the cliff with his dog waiting for the rescue, we were thinking he might have to spend a lot of money to pay for this, there were 6 more trucks here

It was wonderful to finally meet Maya at bay area, wish she also had a great time like we all did, I started to reach out to find friends after Actaeas came into my life, results are always unimaginable, the first one we got was Ti family, I didn't know we could be so close, hang out having adventures almost every weekends.

thank you Maya for spending this wonderful afternoon with us, we will be back to visit you again in the future!


  1. 照片別私藏了快給我們 是說我們拍出來的照片都ㄧ樣
    我真的很難寫新的元素進去 XDDD


  2. 這次是真的沒拍好都沒有準焦啊(大哭)


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